Thursday, April 16, 2015

Defend Ear Review

I received my Defend Ear Hunter Passive ear pieces last night and, as promised, here is my review...
So, here is what they look like:

I chose a rose color that would match my skin. However, there are a TON of color options. Personally, I wanted mine to be as unnoticeable as possible. As you can see, these did the trick...

You totally can't even tell I am wearing these!!!

Anyway, now let's get down to business. Did they work? In short, they worked AMAZINGLY WELL! With these on, I was able to have a conversation at a normal tone and still hear the person I was speaking with well. I was even able to talk on the phone! Last night we hosted Bullseye League and I wore these with my regular 34NRR muffs. They were fabulous! The noise was a total non-issue. With my muffs over them, conversation was definitely a challenge but that would be the case even without these ear pieces in.

When I was in the range using only these ear pieces, the noise level was too high. I was not surprised by this since these particular pieces aren't designed to stand alone within the range. However, I did feel I should try it out. I would definitely wear muffs with these inside the range.
For me, the real test was how well they block noise when I am sitting at the check-out counter and someone fires with both doors opening. We generally do not allow both doors to be open to the range. However, it is sometimes unavoidable when someone is entering and/or exiting the range. At times, this can happen as shots are being fired. That is when this poor lady behind the counter gets a full-on ear assault! Over time, this exposure could cause me hearing damage. This is the reason I purchased these pieces. So, how did they do?

I had Travis (my hot hubby) go into the range and shoot my .45 caliber 1911 with both doors open. He was in the very center lane when doing so. When the shots fired, I could hear them and I knew they were loud  but the noise cancellation was obviously working. Usually in a scenario like this, the noise level is so high it hurts my ears. (I have very sensitive ears.) This time, while I recognized that the sound was very loud, it didn't hurt my ears at all. It was just as if the noise was being filtered and all of the painful stuff stayed out. It was music to my ears!!!!!

I am so incredibly thankful for these new pieces! The weekends are our busiest time of the week. While I love being busy, I usually dread the ear assaults I know I am in for. This weekend, I am actually able to concentrate on just enjoying the busyness! I am not at all concerned about the noise! Best of all, I have peace knowing I will be able to hear my grand kids decades from now!

PRAISE GOD for these amazing inventions! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these ear pieces for anyone who is exposed to high levels of noise regularly but still needs to be able to communicate with others through the exposure.